MD magnesium alloy automatic quenching furnace

Product description

Product features
● Instantaneous quantitative casting function, die -casting cycle is short, high quality! . Long time pouring, long maintenance cycle. Red lce downtime!
● Fumace fumace and transmission tube using PID heating control, energy saving, environmental protection, fumnace long life.
● Corrosion-resistant, high temperature of the bimetallic composite steel plate,crucible.
● Anti-blocking transmission tube and nozzle design, reduce the chance of blocking materials and maintenance time.
● mport PLC programmable control and reserved around the preheat feeding interface, to facilitate equipment upgrades.
● Fumace insulation using nano -porous insulation design, can effectively improve the melting rate, energy saving.
● Screw lift adji. istment mechanism, easy to solve the mold high and low position. , The lid is made of composite board, 304 stainless steel facing the crucible, put an end to carbon steel oxide scale in the magnesium liquid to form an explosion.
● Crucible liquid level on the upper part of the full use of stainless steel welding to prevent sulfur hexafluoride corrosion peeling.
● In the case of a tlting furnace device, the magnesium liquid in the transfer pipe can be retumed to the crucible when not in operation, and the service life of the pipe is removed and extended.

Product description
The function of the magnesium alloy automatic q uantitative melting funace is to melt the magnesium alloy liquid and heat insulation, and to inject the magnesium liquid into the material feeding pipe of the die casting machine in time. Magnesium alloy melting fumace is composed of automatic quantitative steel fumace 1 funace cover, fire -resistant insulation and heat ins. lation material and nano bimetal composite steel crucible, quantitative pump, transmission pipe, resistance heating element, thermocouple protection, gas pipe ines and other components.





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