Magnesium alloy automatic pump 、rotary pump

Product description

镁合金自动定量泵、转液泵Product description
The quantitative pump is the core component of ql iantitative precision and time. The utility model can ensure the fast quantitative pouring of the magnesium liquid into the feeding barrel, redluce the heat loss of the magnesium liquid and improve the forming quality. The design and manufacture of high temperature alloy with 8414 and SKD61 are used in conventional magnesium liquid dosing pump.


Product features
● 8414 impeller and main shaft made of material, high temperature resistance and defommation resistance to fully meet the requirements of 750.
● Resistant to 150 degrees Celsius high temperature variable frequency motor drive, torque, low noise.
● The pump body is made of 304 stainless steel.
● Main shaft, impeller, pump shell with 8414 die steel and heat treatment design and manufacture.The extemall rotation friction is made of self lubnication material, and the bottom friction is made of high temperature resistant material.









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