MH magnesium alloy die-casting machine melting furnace

Product description

Product features
● Heat resistance up to 1200C furnace refractory, ins. ulation perfommance is superior to the nationall standards, long service life.
● Insulation layer adopts the most advanced nano porous plate, heat preservation perfomance is significantly higher than the aluminum ilicate fiber.
● Equipped with reasonable gas pipeline prevent the oxidation of the fumace. . Trachea, high temperature resistant stainless steell protection and protection of tracheal fast dleaning function.
● Crucible with doulble metal composite plate manufacture, oxidation corrosionresistance.
● Crucible cover is made of double metal composite steel plate, stainless steel layer within the crucible, prevent the oxidation of the carbon steel layer falls off in magnesium liquid explode.
● Nozzle body USES electric heating, safe and stable, put an end to the firing of safe hidden trouible.
● Adopting high temperature radiant heating components, warming faster, high thermal efficiency and long service life.
● Advanced funace sensing device, leakage and leakage safety interface.

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