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Product description

● magnesium is a kind of active metal, magnesium liquid once responded very active contact with air. Therefore crucible temperature from 350C automatic SF6+N2 mixed gas protection (percentage of SF6 in the mixture is 0.3-0.5% N2), in order to prevent the liquid magnesium surface contact with the air in the furnacecombustion.
● magnesium liquid and gas and electric control device installed in the control cabinet, by this device can adjust the proportion of all kinds of mixed gas and flow in advance, when the gas pressure drop to lower limit pressure sensor,alarm signal alarmm control system. In gas after using this device can automatically switch to standby gas (manual switch).
● when the measured temperature value more than the highest or testing themmocouple failure, protection, low air pressure, leakage and furmace system will automatically sound and light alamm.
● melting holding fumace heating way in program control section curve heating (or linear heating), can improve the service life of crucible.
● PLC display system equipment, the total working time, easy to equipment
maintenance, inspection cycle observation
● automatic alamm device, when the low pressure protection, setting and display temperature gap is too large, the anomalies such as online control of the output signal, the system will automatically alarm and alamm light.
● Adjustable import flowmeter, which can ensure stable and reliable supply of mixture rate and precision.



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