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Resistance heating furnace

Product description

Product performance
● Rated voltage: 380v
● Shielding gas SF6-N2: biggest 100 l/min
● The impurity in the holding fumace have precipitated magnesium liquid, the role of purifying magnesium liquid
● 1300C refractory inst ilation resistance furmace chamber
● Crucible USES no nickel, high temperature resistant double metal composite platemanufacture
● The heating resistance wire heat resistance level is as high as 1200℃
● 350C crucible protecting gas supply function automatically, to ensure that the magnesium alloy liquid oxidation by human factors
● Fumace and magnesium liquid of imported temperature control modlule and control temperature, the precision of±5℃
● Magnesium liquid transmission and quantitative imported PLC dual-frequency control, ensures the accuracy of the quantitative and the eliability of the controlsystem
● Adopt imported flowmeter, uniform and reliable control of the gas



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