Magnesium alloy ingot casting machine

Product description

Product description
The casting machine is the role of the high temperature after high temperature molten magnesium iron ball foming, quantitative gas oxidation and cooling process of continuous work, and uitimately the fomation of Standard Specification for magnesium or magnesium alloy ingot..

Product features
● The casting machine and melting funace controlled by PLC system
● Casting process: prelheating mold, casting + gas protection, cooling, ingot (automatic) . Any node failure that is all stop action and alam prompt
● Melting mode can be divided into single fumace or multi fumace, the appropriate amount . The whole design system is closed loo
● When Paul casting composition is N2+SF6,
● According to customer needs to set the number of molds
● Mold can be based on customer needs to add enterprise LOGO



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